US Flintlock Rifle

January 30, 2013

1803 US Flintlock Rifle

Harpers Ferry

Year: 1803-1820
Weight: 9.0 lbs
Country: U.S.
Caliber: .54
Length: 48”
Range: ~300 yds

The 1803 flintlock rifle shows ‘Kentucky’ style influences specifically to emulate the accurate civilian rifles that preceded it. While slow to load, the “rifle” offered far superior range and accuracy than the muskets before it.

Originally made from 1803-1807, production began again in 1814 for the war effort (until 1820).

As the first true military production rifle its place in history is relevant to the tactics of the day. Many military officers still felt that the best way to fight a war was by standing in formation and firing in volley with smooth-bore muskets capable of point-target accuracy to approx. 125 meters. The rifle effectively doubled that distance to 300 meters or more.

Rifles like this one revolutionized infantry tactics by making accuracy, not volume of fire, a soldier’s primary concern.