About Us

IMT focuses on ground breaking innovations as well as the technical advancements made throughout the history of armament.

The three halls of the museum move you through time, from pre-revolutionary America to present day. Our goal is to preserve the knowledge and materials to help educate Americans who are actively using the information to help motivate and protect future generations.


IMT’s passion for collecting and preserving historically important military artifacts is our mission.

Significant armament advancements throughout history are being eroded and lost. Technology of the past is important to solve or prevent design issues in the future. This motivated us to form the Institute of Military Technology.



The Institute of Military Technology is one of the rarest organizations in the world still collecting and restoring U.S. Military hardware from small arms to armored vehicles and tanks.


The Institute of Military Technology holds classes and training for a variety of different events and organizations.

The FLATE workshop (which focuses on improving high performance production and manufacturing within the community), the STEAM program (which is an educational enrichment program for local youth), the Advanced Firearms Training program, and an AR-10 conference have all been classes recently offered by IMT.


The Institute of Military Technology participates in a vast variety of events, from air shows, hosting World of Tanks, to filming with Jerry Miculek – the fastest shot in the world.

We are looking to motivate future generations.